LETTER: Harvey Weinstein - We must show more respect

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In America, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been fired after allegations of sexual harassment.

Haven’t men been sexually harassing women since the birth of civilisation?

How many other Hollywood producers, and indeed actors, are guilty of sexual harassment?

No doubt somebody will already be writing a book about Harvey Weinstein, and one day it will be made into a film. Money makes the world go round!

In Britain, some 11,000 women, with alcohol and drug problems, largely victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, have had their children taken into care.

In one case, a woman has had 13 children taken from her. And how many UK children have been sexually abused by men?

In Norway, a new agreement between the football association and the country’s international players will lead to men and women receiving the same financial compensation for representing their country, with the men making a financial contribution to the women’s team.

If it wasn’t for women, humankind would not exist! If it wasn’t for women, the education system and the NHS would not exist.

With climate change, terrorism and the threat from North Korea, and in Britain’s case, the threat from Brexit, we need a cohesive society that respects and helps one another no matter what their gender, religion, colour, ability/disability, or financial status.

‘There but for the grace of God go I’. Then again, it could be the work of Mother Nature. One way of making Britain a bit safer and fairer is for women footballers to be paid the same as their male counterparts.

Why should the likes of Wayne Rooney be paid millions of pounds, while life-saving women doctors in war zones, are only paid thousands?

The 21st century should bring about an end to male dominance, and all manner of abuse, if not war.

Then again, it could bring about the end of humankind.

Allan Ramsay

By email