LETTER: Funding needed to manage trees at High Path

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Having noticed the work being done for some time on the retaining wall along the High Path, Bakewell Road. 
I was pleased to see someone working there today, so walked along and had a word with him. 
He is Bernard Titterton, a stonemason and dry stone waller from Leek, who has taken on the responsibility for maintenance of the wall and wood. 
As I am a councillor for Buxton central, the ward which includes this path, I am especially happy that this work is being undertaken, as it has been a matter of discontent among townspeople ever since the land above it was sold by Derbyshire County Council. It has changed hands a number of times, but seems to be in safer hands now.
Of course, the wood itself is in dire need of management, especially, as he pointed out to me, a good percentage of trees appear to be dead or covered in constricting ivy. 
Obviously, the kind of management required is extremely expensive, so he would like to find some help with funding. If anyone can suggest a suitable source, please get in touch with Bernard on btitterton@yahoo.co.uk or me on jean.todd@highpeak.gov.uk .

Jean Todd

HPBC Cllr Buxton Central