LETTER: Food for Thought

Ballot boxes are carried into the hall at the Richard Dunn Centre, Bradford,  for counting in the 2015 General Election.  7 May 2015.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Ballot boxes are carried into the hall at the Richard Dunn Centre, Bradford, for counting in the 2015 General Election. 7 May 2015. Picture Bruce Rollinson

Please help me fill in a few gaps with my knowledge with regards the EU.

Everyone keeps arguing about the amount of monies paid in and what we get back including the subsidy negotiated by Mrs Thatcher along with subsidies to farmers charities and other firms, which I believe never leaves the country but is paid out in subsidies under the guise of EU funding. People are scared these funds will stop, surely this is government aid and if our governments ruled and managed our finances these should continue.

The next thing is most important, where does the rest of the money go? Has anyone seen an audit of the EU books? Can Mr Cameron please tell us if he knows what each country puts in, draws out, how much it costs to run the EU government including all expenses paid to each and every EMP?

Mr Osborne has it all sorted with a piece of paper with some great equation, sorry George we have seen enough gimmicks, start and face facts, you should concentrate on our deficit. A few million a week off would be far more beneficial than cut backs in services and perhaps show your friends at the International Monetary Fund we can save money.

Mr President got his speech word perfect, David you did look proud. IMF boss warns of rough times to come, recession, have we not just come through one of the longest recessions in history whilst a member of the EU. I can see problems for members left in the EU if we leave, where will the loss of revenue come from?

There are going to be problems but can you see the French and Danish farmers (thinking of my bacon and eggs) losing there exports to us, don’t forget we have things that Europe wants, including an excellent intelligent service.

There is a rumour that a German firm is making a take over bid for the stock market if this happens will they deal in the Euro? So would we be getting it by the back door?

All our utilities are owned by other countries, our power stations are being built by foreign firms, our health service is in debt overloaded by migrants, schools are over subscribed. Not mentioning immigration simply no one has any idea what the numbers are.

Human rights - this is a very important subject, but is made a complete disgrace when the convicted have more rights than the victims, no one bothers about families losing loved ones as long has the convicted can stay in this country because it would upset their family life, and we still cannot chuck them out. Also these cases are paid for by the ratepayers - again hidden costs.

David mentions war and nothing is said,Boris quotes historical facts and is pilloried. There could be a war, so let’s make sure our forces are looked after by the British Government not the faceless people running the EU.

Several companies have come out in favour of staying in, and several to come out, but we must make our own mind up. There could be ulterior motives, I have been a trade unionist for many years and I am concerned that some unions are campaigning to stay in the EU but whose money are they using for this?

Monies saved amounts to millions, not enough to do everything we need to do, but we can still fund the things Europe funds at the moment, knock a bit off our debt, and put a little in the NHS and the forces etc.

Make no mistake, leaving is a big step but we should be strong enough to withstand, the shock is Germany France, Spain and Italy etc.

I have made lots of mistakes in my lifetime one of the biggest was to vote to join the common market which I believed was our only way forward, great idea but hijacked by some form of dictatorship that’s called the European Union.

The Hillbilly

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