LETTER: Fight for our hospitals like there’s no tomorrow

08-2798-1''Kingsmill Ambulance Station feature.
08-2798-1''Kingsmill Ambulance Station feature.

Some of the most vulnerable people in our society must be those who are suffering from dementia and those unsung heroes of our community who care for them.

Despite the huge personal sacrifices made by carers, their dedication, has time and time again been made more effective by the services provided by the local centre of excellence, namely the staff in our Buxton hospitals. Specialist medical intervention, respite care and ongoing support are first class and available locally.

It seems now that once again the axe of economic cuts will be directed towards the High Peak. The proposals, as ever, are dressed up in flashy brochures and smooth presentations to appear like an improvement in service, but inevitably will surely leave those we care for less well supported. The closure of these services will then bring into question the viability of our hospitals and as sure as eggs are eggs they will go.

We have been through this before in Buxton.

We fought for the minor injuries unit and won. We fought for our ambulance service and won.

I suspect we now need to fight for our local dementia service like there is no tomorrow. It is a moral issue to take from the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

John Hudghton

Team Rector