LETTER: Fairfield entrance - We could all chip in and do our bit

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The Fairfield entrance to Buxton does indeed look shabby as Mr Bostin says (Postbag, February 15).

Few landscapes are improved by a constant stream of vehicles and exhaust fumes.

A bright spot, though, is that the long-dilapidated wall along Buxton’s high footpath has been skilfully restored by the new owner of the woodland adjacent (see buxtonhighfootpath.com).

The town should strike a medal for him.

It’s a shame the county council wasted £33,000 chasing the previous owner to do essential work on the wall and trees.

There should be a full inquiry about why this achieved nothing and why, apparently, nothing was done to recover such a large chunk of taxpayers’ money.

For anyone who wants to spruce up the local area off their own bat, may I suggest an approach that has worked well elsewhere?

Local residents informally adopt a street and do basic things like cleaning road signs and collecting autumn leaves for compost.

They also do a bit of guerilla gardening where local conditions allow, for example planting crocus bulbs in grass verges.

If only one person in every street did this, it would soon make a big impact.

Martin Cutts

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