LETTER: EU - Vote may not be the end of it

Voting form 2015
Voting form 2015

Although many of us are uncertain about how to vote at the EU referendum, we should not worry about momentous consequences, since a result to leave will only mean another referendum.

Inner conflict, confusion and concern arises for those who can see good reasons to leave the EU and become more self-determining, but who are unsure of the effects on our economy, freedom, security and status.

Much appears to hang on this one referendum decision. However, if the result is to leave the EU, I believe the government will not directly terminate the treaty, as all establishment parties are predominantly pro-EU and will want new negotiations.Many currently complacent EU states know they too could lose a similar exit vote as problems worsen, so will want to keep the UK in and quell popular aversion to the EU, through more fundamental reforms.

It is safe to vote to leave the EU, in the knowledge that there will be a further referendum, either on a new deal to stay in or on exit terms. However, a vote to remain in the EU will mean no further reforms or choices.

For the undecided, the only reason to vote to stay is to avoid more prolonged wrangling leading up to a second referendum!

Peter Beardwood

New Mills