LETTER: Electric cars are silent killers

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My beautiful, Ten-month-old kitten was killed on Wednesday. He was hit by a car.

The driver came and found us to tell us (that bit I am grateful for).

They said he couldn’t have heard their car coming because it is silent! It is electric!

Our kitten didn’t stand a chance.

It was a sunny day and we live in a very quiet area of Whaley Bridge. There isn’t much traffic at all.

So there wasn’t much other noise and the car couldn’t have been going that fast.

According to ITV - ‘At the moment, many models of electric cars are fitted with a button which simulates the sound of an engine. It’s optional and can be turned off by the driver.’

I also understand that by 2021 all new electric cars will be required to make a noise by law but this problem is immediate and can’t wait until 2021.

If you own an electric car then please consider the safety others and turn on the noise.

Gaynor Quinn

By email

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