LETTER: Dogs were ‘uncontrolled’ in spring gardens

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We would like, through your newspaper, to thank all of the enormously kind people who came to our aid on Saturday, July 8 in Spring Gardens when our dog was set upon by two uncontrolled white dogs.
This attack left us, an 85, 86 and 13-year-old dog traumatised. 
We learnt from a bystander that this was not the first incident involving these dogs that morning.
Many, many thanks to everyone who came to our assistance from coffee for us, water for our dog, to comfort and carrying our dog back to the car for us. Such caring kindness.
The dog was given a sedative by the vet but is now fit and well…we needed a strong drink! 
The matter is being investigated by the police.
Thank you everyone.

Gren and Joy Bramley

By email