LETTER: Dog Fouling - Why bag it but not bin it?

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The Friends of Chapel Station, a voluntary group helping to improve the appearance of Chapel station, have, at our most recent working party, removed 24 individual bags of dog poo from the public footpath across the field to the station, and the approach road verges, and even six from a partly used polybag of lime stone being used during our work.

In addition, of course, are the un-bagged remains scattered about.

We are working with Northern Railways to try to get a suitable receptacle at the station, but not optimistic that it would be used to any great extent in any event.

We are sure it is not just 24 days worth of one dog’s excreta, and also obviously aware that it is an increasingly popular area for dog exercise. However we totally fail to understand how people calling themselves responsible dog owners can bag it, but then not take it home to bin it.

Please, if you see someone leaving dog poo bags anywhere, whether at the station, in the town, in a field or on a footpath, let them know politely, calmly, but firmly how distressing it is for others to clear up what they are too lazy to clear up themselves.

John H. Brook

Leefield Road,