LETTER: Disappointed Mr Bingham refused to take part in husting

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During the 2015 election, I decided to attend one of the many hustings where all the candidates state their case to their potential voters.

I found it invaluable in helping me make my voting decision.

I was looking forward to attending one for this election - especially as it is such a crucial one with such complex issues at stake.

I then discovered that the Tory candidate has refused to participate in more than one husting.

This single event happened on May 18, so if your readers missed it....hard luck.

In 2010, Mr Bingham participated in about seven hustings.

I have to say that I was gobsmacked at Mr Bingham’s decision.

Why are hustings so important? It is a rare chance for: voters to connect with politicians who are increasingly remote.

To hear the various policies and make direct comparisons between the parties’ visions.

To see how candidates think under pressure and respond to being questioned and challenged.

To hear what each candidate’s local and national priorities are.

To actively engage in the process of an election to acknowledge the utter centrality of the voter.

Hustings are what our democratic system is all about.

What possible reason can Mr Bingham have for denying us the above?

What does it say about how he views voters?

Beryl Jackson

By email