LETTER: - Development - Surely there is a better way?


As a Burbage resident, I am most concerned about the further development of greenfield land into a housing estate on the outskirts of Buxton.
The well-established Heritage View estate has already led to an increase in traffic gaining access to the main Leek/Macclesfield roads, which is particularly problematic in bad weather when cars park either on the main road or on the Anncroft Road estate.

Increasing the housing in that area will exacerbate traffic problems on the busy Macclesfield Road and cause congestion at the junction with the Leek Road, whatever the proposals to alleviate this might be.

If the developer’s plans are passed, at a future date their attempts to develop housing on a site off the Macclesfield Old Road, and possibly extending to the decommissioned reservoir site, will mean a huge estate at the entrance to the town, on the scale of the Barratt housing in Harpur Hill, but more highly visible.

Why are the derelict sites of Nestle in the heart of the town and the old college in Harpur Hill being overlooked?

Surely land that has previously been developed should be considered before the greenbelt is further eroded?

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