LETTER: Cuts - town is a depressing spectacle

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While we all hope that Buxton will be revitalised as a result of the much-delayed refurbishment of The Crescent, High Peak Borough Council needs to look carefully at the image of the town given to visitors arriving here, particularly on the A6.

The journey down the hill from Fairfield presents a depressing spectacle. In addition to the very poor state of repair of the houses on the right hand side, the road surface is littered with potholes and large cracks, the white-lining is worn away and cannot be seen, the plastic traffic islands battered and filthy and damaged beyond repair and the painted roundabout at the road junction now non-existent. If one turns left at this roundabout, the pavement to the right is still closed after several years and covered in rubble from the collapsing bank behind it.

I could mention many other defects with the town - for example the decrepit former Grove Hotel which Robinson’s Brewery are apparently content to allow to rot and collapse. But my main concern is the non-action by High Peak Borough Council to remedy my concerns in the preceding paragraph. I am well aware that all councils are strapped for cash thanks to Government cuts, but surely some remedial work can be afforded to make the town more attractive and not resemble an impoverished settlement in Eastern Europe. After all, we are facing a steep rise in our council tax this year.

Nicholas Bostin


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