LETTER: Court - Have your say on closure

High Peak Magistrates Court, Buxton.
High Peak Magistrates Court, Buxton.

Further to your recent articles on the proposal to close Buxton magistrates and county court, and transfer proceedings to Chesterfield, our MP has encouraged locals to have their say.

I’d also like to urge all High Peak residents to respond. The consultation document is clearly flawed and contains misleading statements about the facilities available in the Buxton building. There have also been local organisations not included in the original circulation, so individual voices will be vital.

Just imagine, in the future, you are involved in a court case, either as a witness, victim or defendant. How long a journey, and at what cost will it be for you to travel on public transport to and from court in Chesterfield? Especially if you live to the north of Buxton.

Tell the court service what it would mean for you:- Email estatesconsultation@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk or write to HMCTS Consultation, Ministry of Justice, Post point 1.13, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ by October 8. Alert them to the unique geographical position of the High Peak and the vagaries of the weather. You won’t know what you’ve lost ‘til it’s gone.

Christine Walters JP