LETTER: Child protection - Nothing but praise for Sarah

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A massive well done to Sarah Champion Labour MP for Rotherham and until very recently the Shadow Minister for women and equalities for having the courage of her convictions to make public her concerns re: recent child protection issues, which in my opinion mirrors what the majority of the British people are actually thinking.

To be publicly castigated by her own party, forced to resign (was she pushed or did she jump?), and have to publicly apologise for making true remarks about convicted British Asian men grooming and raping young white women is truly unbelievable.

How can this be termed racist?

These men have been convicted in a British court of law and the information is based on the facts that gang related abuse of white girls/women is led by men from certain cultures. It would surely be racist to the white girls involved to turn a blind eye to it.

Sarah Champion has been made a scapegoat by her own misogynist party who seem unable to accept that there is a pattern of behaviour here that has been tolerated by local councils, politicians and the police force for years for fear of offending certain factions of society and the race card being used against them. It is strange how only white girls are targeted by these vile groups, do they think that white girls deserve this abuse?

I have never heard of other cultures being involved and in my opinion this points to a complete disrespect for Britain and the British culture they have chosen to live in.

Sarah Champion has been involved in child protection issues for many years, indeed her first post under Jeremy Corbyn was Shadow Minister for preventing abuse, so therefore her comments are not the voice of inexperience but one that should be listened to and debated on given her wide involvement in the area of child protection.

The issue of child protection is a massive one and it is totally wrong that a fellow Labour MP, Naz Shah, should criticise Champion’s statements as ‘incendiary and irresponsible’ and putting forward the argument that 90 per cent of child abusers are white.

Well Ms Shah, two wrongs never made a right.

I would imagine that if the boot were on the other foot (ie girls of other cultures were being groomed by gangs of white men) then Jeremy Corbyn & Co would be coming down very hard on the perpetrators as he would be terrified of losing his multi-cultural and multi-cultural youth vote. Jeremy Corbyn needs to take a serious reality check.

The woman he appointed as Shadow Minister for women and equality has been ‘removed’ because she actually did her job and supported women and equality. How 1984 is that?

Corbyn has had approximately 90 resignations from positions within his party since he was elected leader – Ms Champion has resigned from both her posts - surely this is poor leadership at best and downright delusional at worst.

I sincerely hope Sarah Champion continues to be a voice for raising issues regarding child protection and all the associated problems that lie beneath the tip of this iceberg. It’s a pity the Labour Party cannot see the wood for the trees, perhaps if a Labour politician of a different culture had raised this issue then there may have been a different response/outcome. Corbyn needs to get off his fence but the question is which side of it will he land on?

I would be very interested to hear what the Labour MP for the High Peak, Ruth George, has to say about this sorry state of affairs. That is , if she is not too worried about incurring her leader’s wrath.

Jo Middleton

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