LETTER: Cavendish Hospital - Put the matrons in charge

Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Chesterfield Royal Hospital

I am writing in regards to the statement from Dr Ben Milton, the GP from Darley Dale, who says older people are better off looked after at home to cut the cost of having hospitals open.

Why not sack the administrators, who are on a lot more money than doctors?

A simple solution would be to put matrons in charge of hospitals - that would save the NHS millions every year.

As for saying elderly people should be looked after by relatives, does he not realise carers allowance is derisory and insulting?

I looked after my late partner Ivy, who died in February 2011, for six years. She had COPD and Bi-polar and I got £55 per week carers’ allowance and £16 per week government pension credit. What an insult when nursing homes charge between £700 and £1,000 per week.

As for the idea of taking patients to Walton Hospital in Chesterfield, do these people not realise it would be impossible to get there in winter.

So I agree with Keith Horncastle that the Cavendish should stay open.

Those who want it to close it could not run a bath, never mind the NHS.

Mick Bonsall

Marion Court,

Sherwood Road, Buxton