LETTER: Cavendish Hospital - Committee don’t even live here

stock hospital A+E, main corridor
stock hospital A+E, main corridor

I am writing with regards to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) members who want the Better Care Closer to Home for people with dementia.

These people want to close the Spencer Ward at Cavendish Hospital, which has a gold star of excellence, and halve the number of beds on the Fenton Ward.

Would they look after a member of their family for 35 hours per week for the insulting sum of £62.10 per week? No they would not.

The biggest majority of this CCG committee do not even live here.

They would never get people to Walton Hospital in Chesterfield in bad weather during the winter, and they don’t have respite beds there.

Anyway, get rid of the pen-pushers and replace them with a matron that would save the NHS thousands of pounds per year.

Families with no cars would have to fork out £24.80 to get to Walton Hospital on public transport. Daylight robbery for 25 miles.

I say good luck to Bakewell people with their petition to keep Newholme Hospital open.

To all those on the CCG panel, local people know best what Buxton needs.

This should be decided by Jeremy Hunt MP and the health secretary, and we have an excellent MP in Andrew Bingham.

So come on Buxton people, tell these outsiders to clear off and mind their own business. I am thinking of future generations, not just myself.

Mick Bonsall

Sherwood Road, Buxton