LETTER: ‘Bullied’ into moving my car

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On Thursday, September 15, I had to attend a medical appointment in Buxton, and also take care of some other business.

I drove onto Hardwick Street, albeit passing two cars hovering at the top, with the intention of driving through and finding a parking space elsewhere.

As I was moving down the street a car commenced to reverse out of its slot and I thought ‘how convenient’. Whilst waiting for the slot to clear I was startled by someone thumping on my car window - the person had approached from the rear and the windows were covered in rain drops, so I had no knowledge of what was coming and was startled to say the least.

I must say I didn’t react too well, particularly as I was harangued with a verbal outburst about the woman parked in front of him had priority and I had no right to think that I could take the slot etc, etc.

Assuming that I had contravened some sort of local by-law I drove off and did a circuit and drove onto Hardwick Mount where, actually, there were ample kerbside slots. All in view of said ‘queue’ and about 50 yards further to walk.

I mentioned this at the business I was visiting to find that a notice had just been taken down by the council (on lamppost where Hardwick Street and Hardwick Mount divide) to the effect that queuing was not allowed because of the congestion it caused. Had I known this I would have stood my ground and, in future, I will know not to be bullied by arrogant, entitled local citizens who think they have priority over ‘out of towners’.

It is bad for the image of Buxton and it is bad for business as Buxton is only one option in the area in which to spend money.

I would suggest to the council that they re-instate that signage and I hope that said nasty individual will adhere to the principal that he in no way ‘owns’ public places and to treat people with respect!

Janet Wigley

By email