LETTER: Broken glass is a real hazard in the park

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Anyone reading the Advertiser recently might conclude that children playing in Chapel Memorial Park run the risk of being chased by vicious dogs who deposit piles of excrement all over the place.

While not wishing to ignore the fact that there are insensitive dog owners who fail to clear up after their animals, I feel that a far greater hazard exists in the form of broken bottles.

This week, while walking my small, well-behaved dog in the park, I was dismayed to see several smashed beer bottles littering the steps close to the children’s play area.

The broken glass shards were liberally scattered on the steps but also in the surrounding grass, thus creating a dangerous hazard for children and dogs alike.

I returned to the park with a dustpan and brush and swept up the offending items into a large cardboard Budweiser box, thoughtfully left behind by the yobbos who left this hazardous mess.

Please, please, youths of Chapel, desist from doing this. It might be your own younger sibling who suffers a nasty injury from casually discarded broken glass. And parents, please, please make sure your children are not creating this hazard in the park in the evenings.

Nicholas Bostin


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