LETTER: Bridgemont Junction is a pure waste of time and money

Chesterfield traffic problems.
Chesterfield traffic problems.

Your letters’ page recently in the Buxton Advertiser featured a letter from Mr Silky at New Mills.

The letter was concerning the junction at Bridgemont and the vehicles turning right onto the A6 from Buxworth New Road and the possibility of accidents.

I have lived in the area all my life and have never seen or heard of an accident at this location.

I believe the notices informing people to turn left and not right are a pure waste of time and money.

I have always turned right there and will continue to do so rather than waste my time and petrol in going all the way round the roundabout and then driving back to almost my start point.

Sometimes it takes ages due to congestion at the roundabout. I suggest the council remove these silly time-wasting signs.

Richard D. Hogge

Dolly Lane, Buxworth