LETTER: Brexit - We voted ‘out’ and that’s it

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Reference the letter headed: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over - February 23.

For apparently intelligent people, the letter contains the most preposterous statements. 
Their contention is that although we voted out we should still maintain all the connections available to us as a full member. We do not want that, we voted to free ourselves from the European Union straitjacket and establish a new relationship.

Why people think it is a wonderful organisation with the havoc it has rested on the Mediterranean countries with huge young people unemployment, the state of Greece’s unpayable debts, Italy’s failing banking system is beyond me. The Schengen Agreement has led to a monumental mess with members ignoring it and erecting barbed wire fences.

This happens when politicians think they know much better than their electorates and ignore them.

The Ukraine mess was caused by the market interfering in a sphere of influence which had always been Russia’s domain and caused them to react as they thought fit to protect themselves.

It is a wretched organisation - it should have stayed as a market and trading grouping only.

John Smith ACIMA

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