LETTER: Brexit - Stick to promises

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I like many other people in the High Peak felt hugely let down when I discovered that our newly elected MP Ruth George had abstained on the Queen’s speech amendment to retain Single Market access after “Brexit”.

This is despite her own website claiming in the run up to the General Election that she would be working on “retaining the benefits of the Single Market”.

Abstaining in this vote surely implies to me that she was too frightened to stick to her stated aim of supporting the retention of our membership of the Single Market – perhaps unsurprising given Jeremy Corbyn’s treatment of those Labour MPs who did dare to defy him!

With the Labour party now, more clearly than ever, backing the Conservative party in their reckless push for ‘Brexit at all costs’ the need for a party of opposition is clear. To my mind only the Liberal Democrats offer that opposition.

Commenting on reports that the Eurozone has grown twice as fast as the UK in the last quarter, leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, said: “The Eurozone has grown twice as fast as the UK, which in no time has gone from the top of the growth league to the bottom. The government’s shambolic handling of Brexit, which is denting business confidence by the day, is certainly not helping.”

As long as Labour continues to support the Conservatives’ ‘Brexit at all costs’ agenda our economy will suffer. One in seven jobs in the High Peak is dependent upon Single Market access.

We need Ruth George to do what she promised to do and fight for it!

Margaret Weaver

By email