LETTER: Brexit - ‘Sorry’ seems to be hardest word

Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day
Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day

I seem to have been waiting for ages, holding my breath for an event that looks as though it’s never going to happen.

As each day passes and each new piece of disastrous news hits the headlines, I think, “Surely now it will come.” But no, only silence. Elton John sang the song knowing the truth of his lyrics: Sorry really is the hardest word. What event was I expecting the apology for? And who was I vainly expecting would provide it?

The answers are: our departure from Europe and the Brexiters who knowingly told us blatant untruths and who knew absolutely nothing of the calamity into which they were taking us.

We watch as this government struggles with its blind and directionless journey into the unknown. Each new turn finds us facing ever-more adversity. The political powers of Europe warn us not to expect an easy ride, indeed, they promise us a very hard one.

The pound has already fallen to an all-time low and looks like staying there. The financial consequences may be double-edged, but the overall effect will be pain.

Extra money for the NHS? Forget it. Closed UK borders? Forget it. Tariff-free trade with Europe? Forget it. Total and unfettered control of our lives? Forget it.

A simple task of just telling Brussels to “go away”? Forget it. Unity within the UK as we seek our independence from the EU bureaucrats? Forget it. Benefits in abundance for all UK citizens? Forget it.

Even the Chancellor’s autumn statement acknowledges the dire problems we face as we stagger aimlessly away from our partners of more than 40 years.

Direct Brexit-related inflation? You can be sure of it.

With only 28 per cent of the total UK population actually voting to leave Europe, the remaining 72 per cent of us will just have to put up with being dragged, kicking and screaming away from our neighbours.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, et al, (not forgetting our own local MP who joined and waved the flag for the ‘leave’ campaign), just looked at what they’d done and, instead of their stoney silence they just said “sorry”.

Dave Johnson