LETTER: Adopt a spot and make a difference at Christmas

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The town has been looking lovely through the summer with the hanging baskets and planters, the flowerpot people and all the tidying up that’s been going on by everyone.

But what about winter? Christmas lights are incredibly expensive, and in any case they only look good at night, and most of us are around town in the daytime.

So – as is our way – we decided to do things a bit differently …

The plan is that we’ll decorate the town with greenery and red ribbons, home-made decorations such as snow birds and stars, crackers and gift wrapped boxes, with local organisations, businesses, schools, families and groups of friends taking responsibility for specific areas around town through our ‘Adopt a Spot’ scheme.

We are asking interested people to visit our website; buxtontownteam.org/working-on/buxton-in-bloom-2016/buxton-bloomin-winter/ to look at the list of public spaces listed and then register their chosen ‘spot’ by sending us an email or phoning us.

We are suggesting low, or no, cost decorations and there are lots of ideas of stunning things to make so, on the same page, just click on ‘some ideas’ for instruction sheets.

The town colour scheme this year is red, green and gold.

Flowerpot people can come out again dressed warmly for winter, if you still have them. We would like the decorations to be up by the morning of Saturday, December 3 please. Our usual conditions apply: ‘only if it’s safe and legal.’

On Saturday, December 3, at 4.15pm for 4.30pm, we will all gather in Spring Gardens dressed up if you like but not compulsory.

The theme is Peter Pan and Pirates.

Our Singing Christmas Carnival Parade, lit with lanterns and led by the town crier, will then make its way across Terrace Road, up The Slopes, over the market place finishing at the Pavilion Gardens for hot drinks and food.

We will stop at various points along the way to regroup and sing seasonal songs.

Song sheets will be on the website nearer the time.

Please remember to bring torches and wrap up warm.

Very importantly, by Saturday, January 7, will each group please take down their decorations and either store them for next year or dispose of them.

Buxton will have a bloomin’ brilliant Christmas this year – with your enthusiasm.

Roddie Maclean

Buxton Town

Team chairman