LETTER: A poor excuse to leave the EU

STOCK: Posting a letter.
STOCK: Posting a letter.

It was with the coldest and bitter of laughter, that I read a fear of the effects of immigration was used as a reason for Buxton to vote leave in the upcoming referendum.

This lazy and ill informed xenophobia remains laughable when Buxton itself has yet to see any ill effect of mass immigration, and remains a quintessentially “British” town.

It is disgusting, and ultimately crudely racist, to use immigration as a battering ram against the EU.

We have as a nation relied on the labour, and input of migrants since the turn of the 20th century, to suddenly turn around, especially within a town like Buxton that has never been affected by mass transfer of labour to a migrant population, and claim a ‘leave’ vote on these grounds, is selfish, cowardly, and in total indifference to the reality of Buxton as a town.

I will proudly vote ‘remain’, and hope that as a town, Buxton is better than those who would scare us with “foreign” boogeymen.

Joe Kelly

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