LETTER: A petition on the Buxton by-pass has been done before

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I just read your article in The Buxton Advertiser about the petition being produced by Elizabeth Thompson.

I wanted to sign it, so did a search on “Buxton By-Pass petition”, as I wasn’t sure which website it was on. It brought up two petitions.

The first was rejected by the UK Government and Parliament as recently as July last year, as being not their responsibility, but rather that of DCC.

It seems to me that that will be the fate of the current petition too.

Perhaps it would be better for this petition to be directed to Derbyshire County Council instead. It seems a waste of effort to simply duplicate the other one.

The first petition came out of the Town Team Buxton on the Move Conference held last March, which although I am an active member I was not able to attend, unfortunately.

Jean Marion Todd

HPBC Councillor for Buxton Central