YOUR SAY: Is community group takeover the solution to Buxton’s flailing markets?

Buxton Market
Buxton Market

Traders on Buxton’s traditional market have welcomed the news that a new operator has been chosen, but said they are still concerned for the future.

As revealed in the Advertiser last week, Buxton Town Team has been given a five-year licence to take over the running of the twice-weekly markets, and has pledged to bring new life to the area.

A once bustling Buxton Market.

A once bustling Buxton Market.

The organisation intends to re-launch the market in the spring, with plans to keep the Tuesday market traditional while combining the regular Saturday market with a series of differently themed markets each week.

Watch seller Graham Howe has been trading on the market for 35 years and said he was happy that new operators for the market had been found, but that he was still worried for his livelihood.

“I think it’s good that people are trying and they (the town team) are nice people,” he said.

“Their intentions are good but I just can’t see where the experience is coming from.

“There is a big difference between running a big bank holiday event in nice weather and running markets on a Tuesday and Saturday all year and in all weather.

“But we’ve got to talk about it. We don’t know enough about it.

“They might come up with some good ideas and at least they’re having a go at it.

“The only thing no-one in Buxton can control is the weather. Buxton market is not in a very good position and I wonder what they are going to do to help us against the elements.”

One shopper, who did not want to be named, said: “I think it’s a really good idea, they should have done it years ago.

“I think it’s disgusting what the council have done to this market. The town is going to the dogs.”

And another shopper, Mrs Spencer, of Dove Holes, said: “We just need a bit more here, well a lot more really. We need something to bring people in.”

Glenda Kimberley has only been trading on the market for seven weeks, and travels from her home in Leicestershire each Tuesday, after being told about the market by a fellow trader. She says her stall selling fruit and veg has been warmly welcomed by local shoppers.

“If they’re going to make it better then it’s a good thing,” she added. “More customers means we’ll get more stall holders here.

“It needs to be improved. Even if they put the stalls up for us it will help and save us a job. It’ll save us room in the van so we’ll be able to bring more stock if we don’t have to get all the poles and everything in.

“People have been very grateful to see us. They like being able to get all their fresh fruit and veg and not having to buy a whole punnet or anything like that. And it lasts longer.

“Obviously winter is not going to be the best time for us getting here but as long as we can get here, we’ll be here.”

Janet Miller, of Buxton Town Team, said talks with the market traders would take place as soon as possible to discuss the future.


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