YOUR SAY: Buxton’s Grove Hotel ‘could become another Crescent’

Buxton's Grove Hotel
Buxton's Grove Hotel

Buxton is in danger of becoming a ‘ghost town’ and residents are left outraged after another iconic building is being left empty.

The Grove Hotel, on Grove Parade, shut its doors in 2013 and owners Robinson’s Brewery recently confirmed there will be no refurbishment to the property, nor will it be sold on.

Buxton's Grove Hotel

Buxton's Grove Hotel

Former hotel worker Josephine Holmes, 56 of Taddington, said: “I used to work here when I was a teenager, cleaning the rooms and it was a lovely building.


Brewery’s stance on future of Grove Hotel sparks anger in town

“Now it is such a shame it has sat empty for such a long time and the owners are at fault here - why buy the building if you weren’t going to do anything with it?

Barbara Brzozowski

Barbara Brzozowski

“There is nothing in the town any more it has become a ghost town.

“I shop in Chesterfield now because Buxton is missing the big high street names to bring shoppers in.

“The Grove is just another empty shell which will be left to fall to rack and ruin.”

Her view was echoed by others who would like to see something happen to the building.

Bernadette Milner

Bernadette Milner

Barbara Brzozowski, 53, of Buxton, said: “This building is of historical importance and in a great, central location. It needs to be re-opened even if it is just as a restaurant, so the building has people in it and it has a purpose again.”

The hotel began as coffee house around 1770, evolving into a coaching house later on.

Bernadette Milner, 50, also of Buxton, said: “I don’t think it is right the owners are not going to sell the building, they clearly don’t want it.

“Something positive needs to happen in the town. We have enough empty buildings and shops I am worried The Grove will turn into another Crescent.

Josephine Holm

Josephine Holm

“The building has great potential, let’s bring the tourist information into the building so it is more central.

“If nothing happens it will end up being vandalised and then no-one will want it.”

Geoff Light, 61, of Buxton, said: “It is a shame that nothing is happening.

“Years ago I used to go in there and it was always busy. What is happening to the town?”

Rose Lowton, 59, of Brooklands, said: “It should be a building that is used and wanted - there is a good-sized function room upstairs, surely that could make the owners money if they were to let it out?”

Robinson’s have been accused of stock-piling buildings which do not benefit the town.

Geoff Light

Geoff Light

Steve Page, 47, of Burbage, said: “If things are closing tourists will not come here and this town relies on the tourism trade.

“The owners are in the wrong for keeping this beautiful building as an asset on the books and nothing else.”

A spokesperson for the brewery confirmed previously that there were no immediate plans for the refurbishment of the site at the time and nor did they intend to sell the hotel.

Speaking on Facebook about the news Rhianna Todd said: “I’d apply to run this place in a second.

“What are they playing at?! It’s so full of character!”

Profile users Amanda N Mark said: “As a former resident of Buxton some 25 years ago it’s a disgrace that the place has clearly gone downhill so fast.

“When you drive into Buxton from the golf course the place looks terrible dirty dilapidated buildings.

“As for Buxton being the jewel in High Peak’s crown, I think not!”

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