Young entrepreneur wins backing for advent calendar of teas

Joe Howard, 24, is hoping to launch his first Tea Revv tea bar in 2018.
Joe Howard, 24, is hoping to launch his first Tea Revv tea bar in 2018.

A young entrepreneur from Bakewell is brewing up big plans for Christmas after huge crowdfunding success for his advent calendar of tea.

Joe Howard, 24, has been thrilled by support for the idea, which attracted £3,000 in support from 99 backers all over the world on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

He said: “I thought long and hard about my pitch in order to woo potential backers. The fact is, we’ve come up with a really lovely product.

“It looks fantastic and the concept of receiving 24 different loose leaf teas to experiment with is a great gift for any tea lover. What can I say, our backers are as crazy about tea as we are.”

The advent calendar features several teas with a seasonal twist such as notorious eggnog, pumpkin pie chai and mulled wine spice.

It is being produced by Joe’s company Tea Revv, which sells an extensive range of both familiar blends and more unusual flavours.

He said: “We are not your standard tea company, you won’t catch us burning you at the stake for not brewing your English breakfast at 97.5 degrees for 240 seconds precisely.

“We also won’t look at you like you have three heads if you don’t know the difference between black and green tea. We want to make proper tea understandable, easy to buy and easy to brew.”

Joe set up the brand in 2014 as an extension of the gift shop he opened in Bakewell at the age of 18 armed with only a Richard Branson business book for guidance.

In 2016, he sold the shop to focus all his efforts on Tea Revv. He has since undertaken a tea sommelier training course and hopes to open a dedicated tea bar in 2018.

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