Woman rescued from river after falling in

FIREFIGHTERS and police rescued a woman from the river after she fell in and was washed down stream.

Crews from Marple, Offerton and Stockport fire stations were called to Station Road, Strines, at 8.40pm on Wednesday, May 15, after reports a woman had fallen into the water.

Firefighters were joined by officers from Greater Manchester Police to look for the woman and each of the crews placed themselves strategically at half mile intervals along the river.

Watch Manager Simon Dowling, of Marple Fire Station, said: “It was a good job and a positive outcome that with the police we managed to find her and get her out.

“The police helicopter was up and spotted her on their thermal imaging camera.

“They landed in a field and officers got off just at the same time as some of our firefighters had also spotted her.

“Together they managed to get her out of the river.

“She was lucky because the river was very fast flowing and cold – but we would’ve got her no matter what because we spread ourselves out at certain points of the river.

“We were also given great help by members of the public directing us to where she was.”

The woman was conscious and breathing when she was rescued from the river bank.

The 36–year–old was taken to hospital by ambulance as she was thought to be suffering from hypothermia. She had been in the river for around half an hour.

Along with the three regular fire crews, members of the Water Incident Unit from Eccles attended and supported the rescue.