Winter Buxton parade set to light up the town

Buxton Sparkles will light Saturday's Christmas parade through the town with their willow lanterns.
Buxton Sparkles will light Saturday's Christmas parade through the town with their willow lanterns.

Buxton is getting ready for a Christmas parade which will light up the town and add a dollop of festive cheer.

The Town Team and Buxton Sparkles are working on the joint project, which will combine the decoration of the town with a lantern parade on Saturday.

An appeal was issued weeks ago to get businesses and community groups to ‘Adopt a Plot’ so that all aspects of the town can be decorated as part of Buxton in Bloomin’ Winter - following on from the success of the summer flower competition.

Town Team director Tina Heathcote said: “The enthusiasm for Buxton in Bloom this year got us thinking that perhaps we should decorate the town for Christmas, so we thought we would celebrate Buxton in Bloomin’ Winter.

“We want to make our town look a little more loved and put the magic back into Christmas.”

On Saturday, Buxton’s Christmas Carnival Parade will start at the east end (Holker Road) of Spring Gardens, meeting at 4.15pm to set off promptly at 4.30pm. The procession will go through the town (Spring Gardens, Turner Memorial, The Slopes, Market Place, Fountain Street, Pavilion Gardens), singing suitably adapted seasonal songs.

Buxton Sparkles is also expecting a surprise visitor to join their lantern parade on Saturday.

Captain Jack Sparrow will be making a special appearance and will lead a crew of Buxton pirates as they sing their way around the town.

Sparkles member Andrea Lewis said: “We have free pirate hats for everyone and if anyone wants to dress up and get more involved they will be most welcome.

“When we reach the Pavilion Gardens, there will be more surprises including the Peak Paddler pirates on the lake.”

Buxton Sparkles will light the parade with their willow lanterns, and there’s a Peter Pan theme so everyone can dress up and have fun.

Organisers hope to fill the streets with laughter and song, and have prepared a songlist for the route.

Anyone looking to download the words can do so at

Anyone who has adopted a plot must take their decorations down by January 7.