Wife took own life after drinking three times limit

A 39-year-old woman hanged herself at her Buxton home after a drinking session, an inquest heard.

Mrs Claire Lindsey Hodgkinson, of Dane Grove, wrote a note before ending her life on July 21.

Pc Thomas Breakwell said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

He told the Chesterfield inquest that Mrs Hodgkinson had taken excessive amounts of pills with alcohol in the past. These incidents may have been "cries for help" but she had not attempted to hang herself previously.

Post-mortem tests revealed that she had drunk the equivalent of almost three times the limit for motorists – enough to have affected her judgement.

Levels of medication found in her blood were consistent with therapeutic dosage, and the cause of death was asphyxia.

"I'm satisfied that she was fully aware of the outcome of her actions," said Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Catherine Mason, recording a verdict that she had taken her own life.

The inquest heard that Mrs Hodgkinson, whose maiden name was Cudahy, was married to husband Nicholas, a residential care worker.