What’s the best time to cross Snake Pass to avoid snakes - Travelodge customer

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Travelodge has released the weirdest customer requests of 2015 – and while asking for an extra pillow is one thing, some guests have demands and questions that really are odd.

The budget hotel chain, which has a branch in Glossop in the High Peak, were even asked: “What’s the best time to cross Snake Pass to avoid snakes?”

Snake Pass is a hill pass in the Derbyshire section of the Peak District, crossing the Pennines between Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton - not a place with a snake problem.

Another odd request was at Macclesfield Central when a customer asked if the hotel could be redesigned, suggesting: “Can Travelodge move the rooms so that they are all at the back of the hotel?”

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokesman, said: “With more than 17 million customers staying annually in our 506 UK hotels, our teams receive thousands of unusual requests from business and leisure travellers.

“Our hotel teams will always try their best to accommodate all customer requests but there are some requests that we physically just cannot help with such as controlling the weather, arranging a meeting with Nessie and switching on the Northern Lights.”

Here is the full list of customer queries...

Birmingham Airport:

“Can I have a room close to the runway as I don’t want to miss my plane?”

Birmingham Broadway Plaza:

“Can you find us someone to perform a multi faith wedding?”

Birmingham Bull Ring:

“I know checkout is at 12pm but am I allowed out before then or do I have to stay inside?”

“Please can you divert the marathon while I leave the city?”

Bodmin Roche:

“How do I get out of the front door?”


“Can you accompany me to my meeting and pretend to be my PA?”

Bristol Central Mitchell Lane:

“Can you arrange for the moon to look into my room as I want to propose to my girlfriend under the moonlight?”

Cambridge Central:

“Can I have an instruction manual next to the sink to show me how to use the tap?”

Cambridge Orchard Road:

“Can you please write me a letter in Spanish?”

Cheshire Oakes:

“Can someone help me get my dinosaur off the roof?”

Chippenham East:

“Can you turn the rain off?”

Edinburgh Airport:

“Does the airport shuttle take me directly to the plane?”

Edinburgh Rose Street:

“What time do the Northern Lights come on?”

Edinburgh Princes Street:

“Can you type a report on my iPhone if I dictate it you?”


“What’s the best time to cross Snake Pass to avoid snakes?”


“Where can I find the stinking bishop?”


“Can you please be my chauffeur for the day as I need to impress my clients?”

Harrogate West Park:

“Can you serenade my partner with our song this evening for our anniversary?”


“Can you ask the ferry company to stop lorries arriving on the freight ferry?”


“Is haggis an animal?”


“Where can I find Peter Rabbit?”

Leeds Colton:

“Does your saver room have electricity?”


“Can you make the seagulls be quiet?”

Liverpool Exchange Street:

“Can you come to Anfield with me as I heard you cannot walk alone to the stadium?”

“What time will the Liver Birds be landing at Pier Head?”

London Battersea:

“Can you ask the Emergency Services to turn the siren volume down?”

London City Road:

“Can I borrow your suit as I have burnt my trousers?”

“Can you arrange for the changing of the guards to happen after lunch as I have an appointment in the morning?”

London Covent Garden:

“Can you reserve a whole train carriage for me as I have an important presentation and I need to rehearse on my journey from London to Edinburgh?”

London Euston:

“What time does Big Ben go to sleep?”

London Kings Cross Central:

“What train do I get from Kings Cross to get to Hogwarts?”

London Marylebone:

“Can you call me out of a meeting and say it’s an emergency so that I can catch my train?”

London Park Royal:

“Can you get me a turban as I am visiting the Neasden temple?”

Macclesfield Central:

“Can Travelodge move the rooms so that they are all at the back of the hotel?”

Manchester Ancoats:

“Do you have a Spanish member of staff that can be a translator on a conference call?”

Manchester Piccadilly:

“Where can I find Cameron’s Northern Powerhouse?”

Newcastle Gateshead:

“Can you go and pick my boss up from the airport as I need to finish off my report?”

Newcastle Gosforth:

“Does the Angel of the North ever visit the South?”

Norwich Cringleford:

“Could the electricity pylons be moved for my next stay?”

Nottingham Central:

“Whilst you are standing behind reception can you write out my wedding cards? I have 200 to post today.”

Nottingham Riverside:

“Can you sit-in on a conference call and be my translator as I don’t speak Mandarin?”


“Can I walk on the A1?”

Reading Central:

“Can I hold a brainstorm with your team?”

Sheffield Meadowhall:

“Can you fill my bath with exactly 100 litres of Evian water at a temperature of 38 degrees?”

“Can you arrange for us to have Christmas Day in July?”

St Austell:

“Does Stargazy Pie contain stars?”


“Can you help me design my company website?”


“Where is the gap in Watford?”

Winnersh Triangle:

“Can you star in our company’s corporate video as an employee?”

York Central:

“Can I please practice my pitch on you and your team?”