Whaley town councillors split over council tax vote

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THE chairman’s casting vote saw a parish precept increase in Whaley Bridge of 4.96 per cent approved.

The move divided Whaley Bridge Town Council members, with some wanting to see no increase and instead reserves used for the budget.

Cllr Linda Leather said: “I think it should stay at nought per cent.” She said any rise was asking for trouble: “We will be hung drawn and quartered in this community, I think it is disgusting.”

Cllr Barrie Taylor suggested taking £3,500 out of reserves that would enable the council to still fund all it wanted to do in the next financial year.

But council chairman Jon Goldfinch said the council should not dip into the reserves for the budget as the funds may be needed in the future. “Things are going to get tighter and tighter,” he warned.

l Old Road is continuing to be a priority for Whaley Bridge Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The access only road is used by some as a rat run to avoid the traffic lights at Horwich End.

The meeting heard that officers had been speaking to drivers travelling along the route.