Whaley to select new carnival royalty

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Youngsters can attend a selection event next month for a chance to represent the 2015 Whaley Bridge Rose Queen Festival.

The selection event takes place on March 17 when girls and boys, from ages four to 16, can become a member of the carnival ‘royal family’.

Those chosen will take part in the carnival day parade on Saturday June 27. They will also need to attend church and the well dressing blessing on the Sunday, and attend the pet show on Wednesday July 1.

It also involves representing the Rose Queen at the Remembrance Day service in November.

Mums and dads wanting more information can email Tim Mourne at tjm.mourne@btinternet.com or call 01663 734 930.

Tim said: “All are invited to meet the committee in the Whaley Bridge Bowling Club at 7pm on Tuesday March 17.”

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