Whaley moves 4wards again!

COMMUNITY groups and organisations in Whaley Bridge and Furness Vale are being invited to get involved in a regeneration group.

A working title of Whaley Bridge 4wards was suggested by members of the Town Council highlighting that the initiative should look at the four wards that make up the parish.

Cllr Martin Thomas said it was important that it was the interested groups who determined the objectives they wanted the new group to achieve.

“We need to know what the people of Whaley Bridge want,” said Cllr Linda Leather.

An informal meeting is to be arranged with local groups interested in getting involved.

Cllr Thomas suggested that a separate sub committee or steering group be formed to continue to press for the long-awaited Second Bridge.

“If it gets put in the context of a new partnership, or whatever it is to be, it becomes the dominant issue. It is a medium term project unless there is some miracle,” he said.

“What I am wanting to propose is the second bridge should carry forward under a separate sub committee or group.”

He said the new group should be looking at making more immediate improvements to the parish.

Cllr Leather said: “I think that is a very good idea because if it is just going to talk about the second bridge every time everything else will get overlooked. The bridge needs to be something specific on its own.”

She said the second bridge was likely to take a long time but was still a priority.

A letter is to be sent to the High Peak Borough Council’s executive member with the responsibility for regeneration to highlight the second bridge issue.

• THE Royal Bank of Scotland is standing by its decision to close the Whaley Bridge branch on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Following complaints from the Town Council, the firm stated there was not enough footfall to warrant the branch being open every day.

Councillors say the move will see even fewer customers using the branch, which was not providing an adequate service to the community.