Whaley in bid to regenerate

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THE community of Whaley Bridge, the town council and various groups and organisations will take the lead in ensuring a regeneration-type partnership continues in the area – but not until after the elections in May.

Councillors agreed to support some form of partnership to take the town forward into the future.

However, the make-up of the organisation and its aims would be down to the new council formed after the elections and other interested groups from within the community, the town council was told..

The new scheme will be widened to include the whole of the parish rather than just the town centre.

Councillor Linda Leather, said: “As we all know, the regeneration partnerships are not going to carry on in the form it was but I think members of the Town Council and outside bodies want it to continue.”

The move comes after the final meeting of Whaley Bridge Regeneration Partnership in it current form.

High Peak Borough Council have withdrawn officer support but it was revealed this week that they do still want to be involved.

Cllr Leather revealed that High Peak BC were continuing to talk to United Utilities after the failure of the second bridge project.

Cllr David Lomax said: “It would be nice if someone from the Town Council was invited to go along to hear the discussions taking place. We should know what’s going on.”

The Town Council is to make a written request to take part.