Whaley Bridge traffic survey highlights problem areas for congestion

Volunteers are conducting a traffic survey to see what problems there are in Whaley Bridge
Volunteers are conducting a traffic survey to see what problems there are in Whaley Bridge

Residents of Whaley Bridge are looking for solutions to ease the traffic chaos in the area following an intensive survey.

A total of 39,387 vehicles were counted by volunteers over the five-day survey which ran between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and problem issues were highlighted from the report.

Ruth George, who organised the survey said: “The queues are worst when there are more parked cars on Buxton Road – before 8.30am, at school pick-up time, and after 5pm.

“The problems often stem from large vehicles coming through at these times, so we will look to see if there are any ways we can reduce the total number of vehicles, cut down on parked cars and whether lorry companies could manage to avoid peak times – especially the school run when their lorries can get stuck for up to half an hour.”

The survey showed the busiest times for traffic - when the flow of vehicles exceeded 800 an hour - were 8am to 9.15am, then a steady build-up from 3pm onwards, peaking at over a thousand an hour between 5pm and 6pm.

Throughout the week there were 444 cyclists and a total of 1,457 pedestrians were counted and the number of vehicles increased gradually during the week, from 7,569 on Monday to 8,269 on Friday.

Ruth said: “The survey has really raised awareness and I am delighted that residents, school parents and local organisations are prepared to work with us. Holy Trinity Church have kindly offered some spaces for designated cars to use so some parents can park and walk to school in the morning and afternoon, and Whaley Bridge School have agreed to do a survey of parents early next term to see what can be done to reduce school traffic problems.”

Following the survey a public meeting was held in Whaley Bridge Bowling Club where more than 60 people turned up and residents made suggestions for ways to ease the traffic which included from more parking restrictions, to walking buses for the school, and a right-turning filter on the traffic lights at Horwich End.

Ruth added: “This is not about blaming people – we all need to use our cars – it’s about seeing what we can achieve together to reduce the problems before all the additional houses and cars in Chapel and Whaley Bridge make the congestion worse.

“I’m delighted the reaction has been so positive and I hope we can achieve some improvements that will help everyone who lives in and has to travel through Whale Bridge.”