Whaley Bridge shopper’s shock at used electric blanket

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A shopper was left disgusted after buying an already-used electric blanket which she described as ‘soiled’ and ‘dangerous’ from B&M Bargains.

The pensioner, who did not want to be named, found the ‘filthy dirty’ Silent Night blanket covered in ‘black stains’ and with exposed wiring after opening it at home.

She told how the Comfort Control blanket - priced at £29.99 - stank of ‘sweaty feet’ and looked ‘years’ old.

However she was even more shocked to discover that it had originally been bought from Morrisons as the washing information tag had the supermarket chain’s logo printed on it.

After returning it to the Whaley Bridge store where her husband purchased it on January 12 she was offered a brand new blanket in exchange.

Describing the blanket she said: “It was horrendous and stinking to high heaven of sweaty feet - an absolutely disgusting mess.

“I said ‘for God’s sake get it off the mattress’ to my husband after we’d got it on - we had to wash the mattress cover.”

She is now demanding that B&M Bargains conduct a safety review to make sure no more faulty, second-hand comforters end up back on the budget store’s shelves.

She said: “It’s very, very dangerous - about two centimetres of the electric wires’ outer plastic covering was rubbed off in two places.

“What if an elderly person wanting to keep warm actually used it in desperation?

“I’m urging them to check anything electrical before they put it back on the shelf - surely things should be PAT-tested or even discarded if they’re second-hand.”

She believes the blanket’s original owner must have bought it from Morrisons then claimed for a refund or exchange in B&M Bargains.

A B&M spokeswoman said: “A customer has returned a product to the Whaley Bridge store that has been previously used – although it is company policy to check all returns this was unfortunately missed in this instance.

“We apologise for any upset and will be retraining colleagues on our returns policy.”