Whaley Bridge parking problems under the spotlight

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Parking problems in Whaley Bridge came under the spotlight at a meeting last week.

Members of Whaley Bridge Town Council agreed to write to local shopkeepers asking them not to park outside their businesses all day in a bid to encourage more trade.

Cllr John Goldfinch said: “A shopkeeper contacted me because the problem as he sees it, is that some shops which don’t have constant trade like accountants and estate agents what seems to be happening is that the people who run those businesses park outside their shops and leave their cars there for the majority of the day.

“When a traffic warden comes round they then all get in their cars and drive off and come back. The problem is that then for some of the shops in the village which do have constant trade, there is nowhere to park.”

Councillors are to ask local shopkeepers to park more responsibly.

It was also hoped that a traders association in Whaley Bridge may be formed, the meeting heard.

Cllr John Pritchard said: “It might be helpful to try and set up a trade body.”