Whaley Bridge gardeners do town proud

Whaley Bridge Show, Toby Pattison with his Owl and Pussycat
Whaley Bridge Show, Toby Pattison with his Owl and Pussycat

It was a golden year for exhibitors at Whaley Bridge Garden Show on Saturday, as good summer weather provided bumper vegetable entries.

Alongside the usual handicrafts and photography, this year’s event, at the town’s bowling club, on Buxton Road, featured colossal cucumbers, plump parsnips and Whaley favourite mammoth marrows.

The prize-winning produce brought back fond memories for judge and keen gardener Eric Townend, of Buxton, who recalled winning a ribbon for his truss of tomatoes 50 years ago on September 5, 1964.

The 82-year-old said: “Home-grown tomatoes are much better than bought ones. You can put them in the fridge for a month, and they are still perfect. I was able to show my truss at Buxton a week later and a few days after that at Burbage. They won best of show two more times.”

The show also featured fruit sculptures by children including a banana dolphin and young Toby Pattison’s Owl and Pussycat creatively carved from a pineapple and an orange.

While revellers could also enjoy displays of delectable dahlias and beaming bouquets, as well as stalls selling homemade honey and jam and freshly baked cakes.