Website boost to access campaign

LAUNCH: High Peak Access Group have launched a new website. Photo contributed.
LAUNCH: High Peak Access Group have launched a new website. Photo contributed.

A new website has been launched to make it easier for people with disabilities to access help and support.

Since it was formed through a merger of four smaller groups, the High Peak Access Group, led by disabled people, has been active highlighting access issues across the area and leading campaigns.

Their aim is to raise awareness about the obstacles disabled people, elderly people and parents with young children encounter when attempting to access services and help address inequalities.

They want to make sure that disabled people can be involved in their community, to be involved in the decisions on what and how things are provided.

Alison Salmen, Secretary of the group, said: “It is not just the built environment but goods and services, information, transport, communication, education and the countryside.”

Problems highlighted have included steep steps for those wanting to access health services, A-boards blocking pavements and vehicles parking across dropped kerbs.

One long-standing issue for train travellers has been the Victorian bridges that cross the tracks at some of High Peak’s stations – meaning disabled people can access a train going one way but can’t make the return journey.

A recent success of the group has seen them working with Derbyshire County Council to improve access to Bugsworth Basin.

A gate installed to prevent motorbikes using the area also prevented access to wheelchair and mobility scooter users but now alterations have made.

At the launch, Elaine Hill, Project Manager, Peaks & Dales Volunteering and Advancement Project and a volunteer of High Peak Access, presented the website designed by High Peak Web in consultation with High Peak Access members.

The group hope even more people will be able to contact them and access help and advice as the site is easy to navigate and tailored to meet individual needs.

lIf you are a disabled person, and you wish to do something challenging, and to discover new skills, why not get involved?

The new website can be found at

lDo you know of an access problem in your area? Contact us via