Way forward for Hayfield?

Confusion over the future of a field locals want to use for football in Hayfield has caused bad feeling within the village.

Now a meeting is to take place to find a way of resolving the issue to ensure the Bank Vale Road field can be used for sport by future generations.

It had been hoped the Parish Council would be able to buy the muddy field from the church and lease it to the football club who would then look for grants to improve the facility including the drainage.

But after many years of negotiations, and agreement from St Matthew’s parochial church council, that particular deal has been scuppered by the Diocese of Derby, co-trustees of the land, who are unwilling to sell the land only lease it.

A meeting has been suggested by Revd Hilary Edgerton between the interested parties, to try and resolve the issue.

A representative from Hayfield FC, speaking at the parish council meeting, said: “The football pitch and the facilities in Hayfield are a disgrace. The church, parish council and we at the football club should be ashamed that in 2012 the pitch is not better than when it was first used in 1934.”

Hayfield PC Chairman Andrew Ramwell said: “The problem we have got is somebody in Derby is under the impression we have got a football field. We haven’t – we have got a muddy field.

“Whether we lease it or buy it whatever we have got to have a term that means the football club can apply for grants. Without those grants there is no real interest in renting it if they can’t play on it.”

The meeting is due to be held later this month.