WATCH: Thoresby Hall Spa is the perfect place to forget about the stresses of life

As the pace of life seems to get faster, noiser and more hectic, switching off and forgetting about daily stresses becomes a rather tricky task.

Stopping at home with the television off and a good book on the go seems one good solution, yet as soon as I do that the urge to flick through my Sky TV planner or pick up my mobile to tweet takes control.

The relaxation room at Thoresby Hall Spa

The relaxation room at Thoresby Hall Spa

Go out for a nice walk and the nagging desire to constantly check emails again becomes overpowering, there really seems to be no escape.

So, with this in mind, I decided to give a nice spa day a try and, with the promise of a full body Swedish massage in store, I ventured off to Thoresby Hall Hotel and Spa for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Whether you’re a regular seasoned spa goer or a first-timer, the Spa at Thoresby Hall really is the perfect place to spoil yourself.

The Spa provides a tantalising opportunity to rediscover your senses, rest that weary mind and, most importantly, treat yourself to a well-deserved pamper.

I have always heard good things about the place and I was instantly impressed with the variety of facilities on show, with a pool, hydro spa pool, ice caves, aromatherapy cave, Turkish steam room and a snug relaxation lounge just some of the places where you can allow the stresses of the world to fade away.

Upon arrival you ditch your clothes and personal belongings for a cosy dressing gown and a soft pair of slippers.

And with no phone and no contact with the outside world (how nice does that sound?), there is nothing else left to do but move between the variety of rooms, tubs and temperature contrasts at your leisure.

Testing everyone of them out brought out a sense of almost boyhood nostalgia in me as I flitted between each room and pool like an exciteable kid moving between their shiny new toys at Christmas.

I also discovered that all this swimming and nipping in and out of ice caves and thermal rooms does wonders for working up a hunger.

Shuffling off in my dressing gown I made an assault on the restaurant to tuck in to the variety of pastas, salads and other healthy light lunches.

There was no sign of a burger, but then would you expect anything less?

With a surprisingly full belly the next port of call was the enchanting relaxation room, which provided a large number of comfy loungers dotted aound the sun-trapped courtyard.

Instantly they seemed to be calling to me to sit and take the weight and the world off my feet, to invite me to flick through a magazine or book at my leisure with time seeming to no longer matter.

But the best bit, well for me at least, was to come as I made my way for my traditional full body Swedish massage.

Every slow stroke and relaxing rub of the therapist’s expert fingers, every time a hot towel was placed on my back seemed to sooth, relax and calm as the mood music played serenely in the background.

The treatment lasts 55 minutes and is certainly a more pleasurable experience than an hour in the office.

And the fact that I was getting a full body rub down by a former Miss Chestrerfield winner and Miss Engalnd finalists only added to the experience.

Well, there’s not too many guys who can say they’ve had a Miss England all over them now is there?

Thoresby Hall Hotel offers two night midweek and three night weekend breaks. You can also add any treatments or Spa Experience packages to any of the breaks.

So the next time you want to treat yourself or that special someone, Thoresnby Hall Hotel is certainly well worth considering.

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