Warning after metal thefts in New Mills

POLICE are urging residents to be vigilant after a number of metal thefts in New Mills.

Lead has been stolen from the porch roofs of five houses in the town since the start of October.

The most recent incident happened between 12.40am and 7.45am on Thursday, October 13 on New Street. A further three homes had also been targeted that night.

Police advise residents to mark metal with weatherproof security marking kits, etching or engraving, ceramic marking or through damage marking such as a large painted sign on heavy or large items; make sure any metals removed from areas such as plumbing are kept secured and not stored for disposal in an easily-accessible location; check your roof on a regular basis to reduce weather damage to your property should parts of your roof be missing due to theft. Derbyshire Police are currently running Operation Calanthia to tackling the growing number of metal thefts in the area.