Vision for Buxton town centre is unveiled

Proposals to transform Buxton’s Spring Gardens have been formally presented to High Peak Borough Council.

In the early part of last year, Vision Buxton organised a workshop and exhibition to generate ideas for improving the Spring Gardens shopping experience.

Ideas included the removal of the stone blocks along the length of the street, to be replaced with stone planters and permanent high quality signboards. Improved pedestrian routes to link any new shopping developments were also considered important as were suggestions to more effectively control vehicle access to the street. The main proposal was to provide a footbridge to provide better pedestrian access to the heart of the town from the station and any future retail development on the Nestle site.

Vision Buxton presented the ideas to the Council’s Regeneration Select Committee.

Adrian Brown, Co-Chair of Vision Buxton, said: “The Committee found it extremely interesting.

“Their conclusion was that the ideas and principles encompassed by the community statement would be best taken forward by the Town Team, on which the council is represented.”

But he added that while Vision Buxton supported the Town Team’s long-term aim of revitalisation, adoption now if its proposals would be a signal to developers that Buxton meant business.

“Its adoption would enable it to be used to request developers to contribute a significant amount to the cost of the works described in the statement, which are intended to mitigate the effect of such a development on existing retailers,” said Mr Brown.