VIDEO: Line dancing Dove Holes couple reveal secret to a long and happy marriage

diamond wedding, Eric and Margaret Parker, Dove Holes
diamond wedding, Eric and Margaret Parker, Dove Holes

Eric Parker first set eyes on future wife Margaret when he spotted her in Marks and Spencers where she worked as a window dresser.

The Dove Holes couple soon started courting and are due to celebrate 60 years of marriage on Christmas Eve.

Eric, 81, was 17 and in the Merchant Navy when they met. Margaret was 15. They married at the former methodist church on London Road when he returned home on leave.

Margaret, who will celebrate her 79th birthday on Monday, said: “We had a reception at The Devonshire Arms with ham salad and trifle. When we were teenagers we used to go to Millers Milk Bar.”

She revealed the secret to a long and happy marriage was ‘always going out together’. Eric said it was ‘keeping quite and not interrupting.’

Over the years the couple have raised lots of money through line dancing. The pair still attend the sessions on a Tuesday night, but Eric no longer dances.

Margaret worked as a ward aide at the Royal Devonshire Hospital in Buxton for 32 years. Eric left the Navy when he was aged around 30 and afterwards worked for Imperial Chemical Industries.

She said: “We have two gorgeous nephews, one in Canada and one in Didsbury. We have made loads of friends over the years through our charity work and had lots of fun.

“Line dancing has made our life. We would be a miserable pair otherwise with nothing to do.”

The couple, who are dog lovers, enjoy gardening and will celebrate the occasion with lots of little parties and outings. Eric said: “I first saw her window dressing. I used to watch her and asked her out one day.”

Margaret said: “We have had a very lucky life.”