VIDEO: Firefighters rescue 'casualty' from Buxton Opera House roof

Buxton firefighters rescued a casualty from the roof of one of the town's most iconic buildings this morning.

But all was not as it seemed.

Crews used the Aerial Ladder Platform to rescue the casualty from the roof

Crews used the Aerial Ladder Platform to rescue the casualty from the roof

The rescue, from the roof of Buxton Opera House, was all part of a training exercise.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service will be carrying out a series of training exercises at the historic building over the coming weeks.

This morning's exercise saw a 'casualty' who was stuck on the roof of the building having to be rescued using the Aerial Ladder Platform.

The crews were able to use the appliance to access the casualty, before strapping them into a stretcher and lifting them down to the ground.

Barry Cook, Maintenance and Facilities Manager at the opera house said: “Buxton Opera House is a listed building and as such there are areas that are difficult to access for planned maintenance. Buxton Opera House together with Buxton Fire Brigade are carrying out four scenarios to confirm that should a member of staff be taken ill, or have an accident our joint plans are accurate, achievable, and efficient.

"Three of the scenarios are height orientated and involve the use of breathing apparatus. None of the areas involved are frequented by the general public.

"The areas concerning the general public are risk assessed, and before every performance both our staff and volunteers go through extensive checks before the house is opened.

"Our systems and checks are audited by both the High Peak Borough Council and a specialist Theatrical Venue Health & Safety Consultancy.”

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