VIDEO: Conservative Patrick McLoughlin clinches resounding Derbyshire Dales victory

The Conservative Party consolidated its position nationally in the General Election as Derbyshire Dales Tory Patrick Mcloughlin secured a further term as the region’s MP.

Mr Mcloughlin won a resounding 24,805 votes to return to Parliament and to once again endorse the Dales’ reputation as a Conservative stronghold.

Derbyshire Dales count, Patrick McLoughlin

Derbyshire Dales count, Patrick McLoughlin

Labour Party member Andrew Botham received 10,761 votes to finish in second place and he was followed by UKIP’s John Young on 5,508 votes.

Lib Dem Ben Fearn received 3,965 votes, Green Party member Ian Wood received 2,173 votes and Humanity Party Amila Y’Mech received 149 votes.

The turnout for the Derbyshire Dales was a high 74.82per cent.

Nationally, David Cameron was looking increasingly like he was to become the next Prime Minister with a possible majority to secure a Conservative Government.