Vehicles ruled out of rutted roads

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Trail-bikes, quad-bikes and 4x4s have been banned from a country track between Chapel and Edale for 18 months.

The Peak District National Park Authority has issued an Experimental Traffic Order, which means no recreational motor vehicles can use the route from August 31 until the end of February 2013.

Christopher Pennell, Chairman of the committee which made the order, said: “During the trial we will assess how successful this approach is in conserving the national park landscape and decide whether we need to make the ban permanent, vary it or discontinue it.”

Chapel Gate is a 3km route through a Special Area of Conservation, a Special Protection Area and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Mr Pennell said the route became badly rutted and people deviated onto the land at the side of the track, damaging fragile wildlife habitats.

Full details of the order are at