University students in onesies ‘are giving Buxton a bad image’

Would you go shopping in your pyjamas?
Would you go shopping in your pyjamas?

An angry Buxton resident has said university students going to the shops in their pyjamas are giving the town a bad image.

Gary Critchlow said he is sick of seeing students leaving the University of Derby’s halls of residence in onesies and pyjamas.

He said: “I think it is unbefitting that the students are permitted to leave the residency in night-wear, dressing gowns, to visit the local Co-op or takeaways in the vicinity.

“Surely, there should be a certain code of conduct maintained by the university to reflect their image and standing in the town.”

High Peak Halls has 291 student rooms on Bridge Street and students usually live in the halls for up to 42 weeks.

Mr Critchlow said: “There is conduct that borders on the unbecoming. I don’t go to my local corner shop in my dressing gown; why should they?

“To see people walking across a major road to the town in dressing gowns and onesie’s is not a good impression at all.”

The university was contacted for a comment but is yet to respond.